Masterclass - Leverage foresight, customer insights, and emerging technologies to guide organizations towards sustainable practices

Wednesday 31 May 09:50 - 12:00
This masterclass showcases a multi-stakeholder approach in order to shape a better future for all.
Recognising the need for collective action, we will emphasise the importance of balancing short-term profitability with long-term sustainability.
Dive into the following topics:
1. Collaborative strategies for addressing systemic challenges.
2. Underlying forces shaping markets, technologies, and customer behaviour to stay ahead of the curve.
3. Customer Insight and Emerging Technologies trends for informed decision-making in highly volatile environments.
4. A hands-on approach to the topic of plastic sustainability, applying a systematic, data-based method to uncover opportunities and upcoming threats.
5. The significance of continuous business portfolio assessment and strategic adaption to maintain competitiveness and achieve sustainability goals.
Engage in thought-provoking discussions designed to challenge assumptions and improve decision-making. The featured methodology underscores the value of a structured, data-based approach that empowers organisations to make informed decisions in competitive landscapes.
Don't miss this opportunity to gain the insights and tools necessary to guide your organisation towards a sustainable future, while navigating an ever-evolving competitive landscape. This masterclass will leave you eager to connect with the showcased expertise and apply the insights in your own organisation.
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